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A Business membership includes, but is not limited to, researchers and analysts who are using the data for internal advisory decisions, the production of third party reports, the creation of charts and graphs for use in articles or marketing materials, the generation of models or the authoring of books or news articles, or any other related business purposes.


  • An Academic membership is designed for students, researchers, professors and other individuals who are performing academic research for their own educational purposes or on behalf of their university, central bank, non-profit or government agency. Academic membership includes writing thesis, white papers and other non-commercial works. Authors of Books and news letters must register as Business Members.
  • GFD now offers a free upgrade to its University Clients. To use these features you will need to create your own New Member account. This account registration is reserved for students, professors and faculty of Universities who are Subscribers to one of more of the GFD Products. When you create an individual account you will be able to perform additional analysis and access more tools than when you log-in through the IP Range of your university. We recommend that all students and Faculty of our University Subscribers take advantage of this free upgrade.
  • Researchers and Analysts of these organizations may use the Academic membership. This membership is designed for performing research designed for public works, preparing and generating educational materials, writing white papers and performing educational studies. Should you need data to author a book or create News Letters that will be sold or commercially distributed you must obtain a license for Business Use.
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